Road Warrior Consulting Services
with Joyce Gioia

Joyce GioiaThe first USA TODAY’s Road Warrior of the Year, Joyce Gioia, is available for consultations with individuals or groups who could benefit from her expert insights.

A contributing editor to Hotel Executive Magazine, since 2010, Joyce knows what it takes to keep good service employees so that road warriors will keep coming back. Strategic business futurist and president of The Herman Group, Joyce frequently serves clients on six continents and in 46 states. As such, she has been a member of USA TODAY’s Road Warrior panel since 2006, sharing her thoughts and experiences on travel issues, trends and other topics related to frequent travelers.

Joyce is also the author of five business books, three business bestsellers detailing what it takes to attract, optimize and retain talented employees. She is frequently called upon by hotel leadership teams to help them optimize their opportunities with their good people.

A respected professional speaker and trainer, Joyce has earned the designation Certified Management Consultant, the highest certification granted by The Institute of Management Consultants. She has also earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation, the highest certification granted by The National Speakers Association.

Contact Joyce directly at (336) 210-3548 to discuss her consulting or coaching services.